Is Video Marketing Right for Your Local Business?

Video is a powerful way to market your local business on the Internet, especially now that so many Internet users have anywhere/anytime access on their mobile devices. More users are able to view and download video at any time, day or night, not just when they’re at home or in the office sitting in front of the computer. Video sharing websites are more popular than ever and often the first place people go to to search for information (think YouTube), especially ‘how-to’ information and if you’re a savvy local business owner you can use this to your advantage…

video marketing for local businessYouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and other video sharing sites are growing in their popularity too. As a result of their explosive prevalence, more marketers (read: savvy business owners like you) are turning to video as a way to promote their products and services.

Just about any type of product or service can be promoted through video, but it’s important to do it smartly. First understand the mindset of the customer. Perhaps there may be an occasional exception of people who just want to watch classic t.v. commercials, popular commercials or funny commercials. But generally speaking, they are not going online to be advertised to.

For the most part, people don’t want to watch commercials. They watch online video to learn something or to be entertained. If you want your videos to be viewed a lot and have the potential to go viral, then your videos should either be 1) funny, 2) entertaining, 3) controversial or 4) educational.

And if your free videos offer a heaping amount of quality content, they’ll have a real good chance of going viral and bringing in a lot of cash for you and your local business. Video is so powerful, not just in terms of the sheer volume of people watching everyday, but also because it is much more persuasive than the mere written word.

It’s true, some people respond well to writing, but many more respond better to video. Video can really help you get your point across to folks who are in a hurry (and nowadays, who isn’t) and it’s a good way to start the relationship of a potential customer getting comfortable with you and your services.

The goal is to create a video that immediately benefits your potential customers while relating to the services or products that you offer.

You can do this for any kind of product or service. For example, if you own a dog grooming business, you could create a simple ‘how-to’ video on the safest way to clip a puppy’s toenails. You could show how to hold the dog’s paw, petting techniques to keep the puppy calm and the most comfortable clippers to use.

Then offer a link to the product page where these cool clippers can be purchased (your product page, right?)…ah hah, now you’re starting to get it…

If you don’t want to post your videos to video sharing sites (although I don’t know why any business would refuse free advertising and website traffic…but hey, there’s always one in the bunch), you can post them on your own site or blog. You can also post the video on your sales page to increase your conversions and opt-ins to your mailing list or offer. (You do have a way to capture emails on your website, right?) Video can be an important selling tool in your business. Don’t neglect this opportunity.

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