Email Marketing

Are You Throwing Hard Earned Dollars Right Out the Front Window Of Your Local Business?

Sure, you have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a growing following on Periscope…all of them glued to your latest content and status updates. That’s great…you’re off to a good start.

What?!? A ‘good start’ — I should get more credit than that shouldn’t I?

Well, if you’re not using email marketing on a consistent basis to foster your relationship with past and potential customers the answer is a flat out ‘no.’

Granted, those social media channels are an excellent way to stay in touch and top of mind but what happens to your reach when those same channels no longer appeal to your customers and prospects (think MySpace & Friendster) and the mass exodus begins. What then? The truth is that you don’t own those platforms and therefore are susceptible to their whims and terms of service. That is a very vulnerable position for a local business owner to be in.

No doubt, you’ve heard about the power of email advertising at the local Chamber meeting water cooler and your Local Business Builder meetup. You’ve even attended the Constant Contact workshop…twice, but who has time to actually implement all of it? Keeping up with a newsletter seems like a lot of work…right?


Email advertising improves business relationships, targets your key market, and is more cost-effective than a radio/TV spot.

Just so that we’re on the same page here… Email Marketing is when someone signs up for your mailing list by voluntarily adding their name and email address to a form somewhere on your website or landing page and you start communicating with them via email. No, it does not count if you simply collect business cards at a meeting or expo and start emailing them…that’s SPAM actually. (If you’re guilty of this, don’t do it ever again…you’re actually just annoying the person that you’re sending those messages to plus it’s poor business etiquette). Once they’ve signed up, they get regular communications from you with things like promotions, industry news, company updates, deals and showcases, or special offers.

Pretty much any email correspondence is considered email marketing in the event that it serves to nurture the customer relationship, build trust in your organization or increase brand awareness. Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers while automatically enhancing your business profile in your customer’s eyes, especially with the use of an auto-responder.

With email marketing, you can repeatedly speak to your target market without the need for expensive print space, TV/radio ads or high production costs. With smart email marketing softwares like Aweber, you can manage an email list that has been customized. Even adding in layers of segmentation like the amount of time a prospect has been on your list, customer preferences, click-through rates and other pertinent criteria like engagement with your email messages.

Messages can then be crafted and conveyed to laser target individuals from your email list, giving a tailored experience that leaves them with the feeling of a true dialogue as opposed to an impersonal email blast that doesn’t take any of their thoughts, desires or challenges in to account. All of this helps elevate trust and loyalty to your local business while passively increasing sales.

There are lots of examples of these kinds of campaigns, first of which is a Welcome email that thanks your new contact for opting in to your list. Welcome letters can not only relay important initial details about your business or company, but they can also gather key information about your new prospect, helping to put the individual in the appropriate segmented categories of your prospect marketing campaigns. They also help orient the prospect and set expectations for the kinds of content they’ll be receiving from you (and how often).

Each email that you send out should have your company information at the bottom, giving the prospective clients or customers a chance to discover more about your company or business. You never know when a prospect is ready to buy so it’s always best to have your contact info at the ready.

Don’t make them have to work to reach out to you.

If you’re struggling with what you’ll put in your email campaign, I’m here to remove the overwhelm. Start off with something simple. Craft 7 emails ahead of time and load them up into your campaign to be sent out automatically on your behalf. You can do a 7-day bootcamp on a topic of interest to your ideal customer or repurpose video tips from your YouTube channel. Perhaps seven insider tips that your prospect probably doesn’t know about. People always love discovering secrets, plus you’ll look like an expert

With the help of a simple, user-friendly email marketing software like Aweber, MailChimp and others, you’ll have a powerful tool to achieve your marketing objectives and stay connected to your customer base. Through its consistent application, you can nurture the relationship with your current customers while layering in an additional focus on new target markets for practically pennies per day.

Can you now see how adding email marketing to your marketing & advertising arsenal can increase your bottom line? The dollars saved just make sense when you compare it to the cost of traditional (and let’s face it…outdated) advertising methods.

Use the power of the web + email marketing to bring your customers and prospects back to your doorstep over and over again.

If you would like more information about how to eliminate all competition from the buyer’s mind and be the only choice when they’re ready to buy, contact me here for your no-obligation, Kickstarter Call.

To Your Local Business Success!